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Convert your precious home movies to digital! Tapes degrade over time. We convert home videos to digital and put them on a flash drive, DVD or Blu-ray. Video files will be cut and spliced into separate events and labeled for organization. We travel to Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Oak Hills, Phelan, Adelanto & Helendale. No shipping required! We work hard to keep our turn around time short, so you can start viewing your memories as soon as possible. Your videos will also be backed up for at least 1 year, just incase you misplace your flash drive or just want more copies made for family. Make your slides, negatives, cassette tapes and vinyl records digital too! Save your memories today!

About Us​

We started converting tapes in early 2022, after hearing about people wanting to convert their taped memories to digital. Not many wanted to ship out their only memories of loved ones via the mail. We decided that we’d start a pick-up and delivery service where people could meet us in person and know that we’d take great care of their taped memories.
We currently work with VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, Hi8/High8 tapes, MiniDV tapes, MiniDVD discs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, color and black & white negatives (135, 110, 126) and 50mm slides.
(Coming soon, 8mm reel-to-reel) 

Home Movies​

No matter how small or large your collection of memories are, we can convert them to digital.

VHS Tapes can have up to 6 hours of footage or maybe just 3 minutes, that’s why we charge by the hour. We will always view the whole tape, beginning to end, to make sure every memory is recored. If you accidentally recorded over your memories with TV shows, we won’t charge you for the time.
Hi8/Video8 tapes can be up to 90 minutes.
VHS-C tapes can be up to 60 minutes.
MiniDV tapes can be up to 90 minutes.


Tape to flash drive

Conversion of VHS, VHSC, Hi8/Video8, MiniDV to digital to put on flash drive. $10 per hour of tape. Video files will be cut and spliced into separate events and labeled for organization. Price DOES INCLUDE the flash drive.

Advance Service of Tape to DVD/Blu-ray

Request this service if you’d like to have your videos trimmed into different events and then put onto DVD/Blu-ray with custom menu, and title chapters for each event. $18 per hour of tape for Blu-ray or DVD.


If you’d like a copy of all your videos on an additional flash drive, the cost is $10 + the cost of the drive [32GB ($10), 64 GB ($15), 128 GB ($25), 256 GB ($40), 500 GB SSD ($80), 1TB HD ($70), & 1TB SSD ($90)].
If you’d like a copy of a DVD or Blu-ray, the cost is $15 per copy.

Audio cassette to CD or flash drive

$10 per hour of audio cassette tape to CD or flash drive.
If you need separate tracks throughout the CD (like songs split up), cost goes up to $15 per hour of tape, to edit and cut the audio.

Film Negatives to digital

For color and black and white negatives (135, 110, 126) and 50mm slides to digital. Just $.50 a photo you will get a flash drive with all of them digital (w/ minimal touch up, cropping and rotating)
If over 250 photos (10 “rolls of film”) it will be $.45 per photo. DVD slideshow will be additional $.05 per pic.

Fix broken tapes

We can fix broken casings of your tapes for $20. If we can’t, then you don’t pay for us for trying.

8mm & Super8 to digital

We can take your old 8mm reel to reel (no audio) and Super8 reels (no audio) and convert them to digital. Price is $.40 per foot (about $20 for a 3″ reel = 50′)

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